Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Committee Chair(s)

Gary P. Merkley


Gary P. Merkley


Blake P. Tullis


Joseph A. Caliendo


In order to improve the control of the Crockett canal an automated control system for the head gates was proposed and an analysis of design alternatives was conducted. Design alternatives were analyzed based on the criteria of reliability, operational improvement, cost and safety. After the analysis was completed recommendations as to which type of automation system to install were made. A comprehensive design of the recommended design is included. The automation of the head gates has been separated into two phases. Items to be included in phase one are: retrofit each of the existing head gates with a multi-turn gate actuator and, installation of an electrical system to provide power to operate actuators. The electrical system will include provisions for future expansion phases, and a programmable data logger to provide automation. The estimated cost for this phase is $20,000. The second phase includes the installation of a sliding gate for control of the spillway, and installation of a gate actuator to automate the new gate. The estimated cost of phase two is $13,600. The design has been submitted to the canal company for approval.


Publication made available electronically February 3, 2012.