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Master of Science (MS)




Gretchen A. Gimpel


Few parent training programs that address the improvement of coercive or negative parent-child interactions in culturally diverse populations exist in the literature; of the few that do exist, there is sparse empirical information on program effectiveness. Because parent training is an effective way to address parent-child interaction, parent training programs are discussed in the context of the values of African Americans, Asian Americans, Caucasian Americans, Latino Americans, and Native Americans. A review of the literature on values and culturally-specific and culturally adapted parenting programs was conducted as was a review of programs that have been modified for culturally diverse groups. Some of the programs reviewed are Effective Black Parenting Program, a program delivered through the Houston Parent-Child Development Center, Los Ninos Bien Educados, a program delivered in the Mercedes Independent School District, Positive Indian Parenting, and the Strengthening Families Program. Literature-based recommendations are offered for professionals seeking to improve intervention services to families of diverse cultural backgrounds.

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Psychology Commons