Date of Award


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Creative Project

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Master of Education (MEd)



Committee Chair(s)

Robert Morgan


Robert Morgan


Tim Riesen


Heather Weese


Most students with disabilities have poor postschool outcomes related to employment or postsecondary education. Very few of these students gain meaningful jobs or go to college. A key predictor of successful postschool outcomes for students with disabilities is high parental expectations. This project examined the effects of parent training on transition agency services on increasing parents’ knowledge and expectations for postschool outcomes for their young adult with disabilities. Participants included English-speaking parents/guardians of young adults with disabilities from Alpine school district in Utah. Participants’ knowledge was measured by correct answers on identical pretests and posttests. Participants’ expectations were measured on a 4-point rating scale in identical pretests and posttests. Participants were given a pretest before a training session on agency services related to employment and postsecondary education. Participants were then given a posttest. Parents were given an assignment to contact one of the agencies discussed in training. An optional second 45 min training was scheduled 1 week after the initial training discussing expectations and how they have changed. The parent training increased both the participants’ knowledge of employment and postsecondary services provided by agencies and their postschool expectations for their young adult with disabilities. The implications of these results can improve how education professionals deliver transition services.