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Master of Science (MS)




Donna Gilbertson


Although the identification of learning disabilities (LD) is a viable means to provide appropriate

instructional and support services for students with academic difficulties, there is a limited

knowledge base about the identification, assessment, and intervention of and for LD in deaf and

hard of hearing (D/HH) students. Given the potential consequences of test results, this review

examined current and recent developments in the field of learning disabilities concerning the

conceptualization of learning disability and the validity and empirical support of earlier

identification methods and various assessment identification options with D/HH students.

Challenges to the process and the need for additional assessment and empirically validated

treatment options are discussed. Until future research provides more explicit guidelines, a case

example with a proposed framework and troubleshooting for critical areas that may interfere

with accurate data-based decision-making is suggested for defining LD that school psychologists

can incorporate in current practice.

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Psychology Commons