Date of Award


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Creative Project

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Communication Studies and Philosophy

Committee Chair(s)

Sidi Becar Meyara


Sidi Becar Meyara


Jason Gilmore


Matthew Sanders


Despite living in a highly globalized world with increased travels, interactions, and migrations across both physical and mental cultural lines, many individuals are still often unprepared to interact with those who are different successfully (Kupka et al., 2008). With all these increases in travel, interaction, and migrations across cultural lines, it is essential to understand the adjustment process and the potential challenges or barriers that individuals may face when transitioning to a new culture. This project systematically examines literature on intercultural transitions to improve training for individuals traveling to another culture for work. The literature examined includes pre-departure training and barriers and challenges to cultural adjustment. The project also includes research-informed pre-departure training to help work travelers more effectively navigate these challenges when culturally adapting and adjusting.