Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Second Language Teaching (MSLT)


World Languages and Cultures

Committee Chair(s)

Joshua Thoms


Joshua Thoms


Abdulkafi Albirini


Sarah O'Neill


This portfolio is the capstone project of the Master of Second Language Teaching program. It offers perspectives and insights into major themes of importance to the writer. It begins with a general introduction pertaining to the writer’s education and teaching background, his goals for joining the program and an overall reflection of this experience. Following this is the writer’s teaching philosophy comprised of a description of professional environment and a teaching philosophy statement centered on the principles of multimodality, authenticity, and collaboration. The second section of this portfolio is entitled hands-on teaching experience where the writer presents and reflects on a project he carried out with his students on the issue of intercultural competence via virtual exchange. The third section is dedicated to the writer’s position paper about artificial intelligence in second language acquisition, focusing specifically on Chat-GPT in the context of Arabic as a foreign language. The portfolio concludes with a statement of future goals and plans.