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2011 Joint CEDAR-GEM Workshop, Santa Fe, NM

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The Utah State University CEDAR Mesospheric Temperature Mapper (MTM) is a high-quality CCD imager capable of remote sensing faint optical emissions from the night sky to determine mesospheric temperature and its variability at an altitude of ~87 km. The MTM was operated at the new Andes Lidar Observatory (ALO)located at Cerro Pachon, Chile (30.2° S, 70.7° W) since August 2009 to investigate the seasonal characteristic of the mesopause at mid-latitudes. Measurement were made alongside a powerful lidar capable of height sounding the mesosphere. In this study, the MTM data have been analyzed to determine night to night variability and seasonal characteristics in the OH mesospheric intensity and temperature induced by acoustic-gravity waves and atmospheric tides.


Poster presented at the 2011 Joint CEDAR-GEM Workshop inSanta Fe, NM.