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Katie Zaman


This is a true story based on April’s journey through substance use disorder and recovery. April grew up in rural Utah with her large family and had a happy childhood. She first used opioids in college when she cut her finger at work and was given a doctor’s prescription. Later, April was prescribed opioids for pain due to endometriosis. After years of opioid use, her tolerance grew and she needed increased dosage to adequately deal with her pain. She developed an opioid use disorder and needed inpatient treatment and long-term medication for addiction treatment (MAT) to overcome her opioid use disorder. April shared her story so that others can learn from her experience about the dangers of long-term opioid use, even if it is prescribed by a doctor, and her successful treatment with the medication suboxone.


Utah State University



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harm reduction, stigma, comic, opioid use disorder

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There Is Hope Out There



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