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In 1969 Newton celebrates its centennial and in commemoration of its first hundred years this history is intended. This work salutes the citizens of this small Mormon town, past and present, for their accomplishments.

The author has tried, to the best of his ability, to use contemporary accounts as the foundation for this history, and using secondary works to supplement the information found in primary works or to fill gaps when no other information was available. The author is aware of contradictions between this work and the diverse accounts written by other townspeople. Some of the contradictions are covered in detailed form. The author found early in his research that histories written many years after events occurred were interesting and informative but suffered from omissions and in many cases were inaccurate.

A word of caution is also extended, the names found in this work were not the only ones who did things worthy of noting, but the author was restricted in gathering all ac counts and had to rely on the available accounts. This also accounts for some events being covered in greater detail than others.

The author has used a combination chronological-topical approach in order to give the work greater depth than a mere series of dates or chapters on one particular subject such as reservoir or school. But in two or three cases the author has covered the same topic in two different ways, first as part of the main story; then feeling there was some justification for a topical approach, he wrote an account just on topic, covering it from beginning to end. In this second account there is a little duplication, which the author feels is necessary. The last section of the book entitled "Miscellaneous," includes the topical coverages plus numerous stories of Newton people and events.

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