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CelVantes, almost as if he would at all costs avoid the incredible fireworks of Chaucer's Dame Prudence as she counsels Melibee on justice, from a vast cascade of learning and proverbial wisdom, in his Prologue to Don Quixote, says "I am, moreover, extremely lazy when it comes to hunting up authors who will say for me what I am unable to say for myself. And if I am in a state of suspense and my thoughts are woolgathering, you will find a sufficient explanation in what I have just told you." Then his clever friend advises the use of "scraps you know by heart or can look up without too much bother," recommending the five famous classical or biblical texts which form the moral structure of the book. "With these odds and ends of Latin and others of the same sort, you can cause yourself to be taken for a grammarian, although I must say that is no great honor or advantage these days."


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