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Several preceding honor lectures have dealt with water. The title of a recent one, "Water and Man," by Dr. Sterling Taylor closely resembles the one for this paper. Dr. Taylor's paper dealt primarily with the physical science of water. This one will consider the nature of the use of water by man and the technological and institutional structure related to that use. Thus there should be no serious overlap. My friends in the social sciences may be surprised, too, to find that somehow this lecture has spilled over into their territory. But engineering is the implementation of science and technology. Evermore frequently such implementation requires both broad social decision and social action. This is certainly true of water resource development; water resource planning is a systemsO problem. Coupled to physical water resource systems are people, and social institutions appear as much involved as technological concepts and hardware, thus the word "man" appears first in the title of this paper.


This work made publicly available electronically on August 15, 2011.