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The Principle of organic evolution is the most fundamental one yet discovered in the sciences concerned with the nature and origin of living things. During the one hundred years which have elapsed since Darwin's explanation of the mechanisms of evolution a great deal has been learned to supplement his theory. Nevertheless, students of evolution universally acknowledge the significance of his profound contributions. The importance of natural selection as a creative force in evolution is inescapable.

The present discussion is chiefly concerned with techniques which the writer has used to accelerate, or at least to manipulate, the evolutionary processes. It may be of some profit to the general reader however to discuss briefly the nature of evolution and the principal mechanisms which make it possible before the investigations pursued are discussed.

Organic evolution is that fundamental biological process which offers a rational explanation for the ways in which the different ~inds of living things have had their origin. The basic concept III evolution is that all living organisms have had their origin from pre-existing life. Acceptance of the validity of the principle of organic evolution has been practically universal and the differences of opinion which may exist among students of this field are now concerned with the mechanisms of evolution.


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