Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (BA)


This undergraduate research project aims to explore the question: “What is Experience Design(XD)?” and “How can Experience Design be executed in a magazine, both print and online versions?” My methods included extensive research on the history of XD, ethnography of typical magazine users, the study of magazine layout and design principles (both in print and online form) and finally, the execution of an XD-minded print and online digital-comp version of a fashion/lifestyle magazine. I used the Adobe Creative Suite to compile my research into tangible proof of the theory of XD in action. My results proved to be difficult to measure, as I found several constraints to my project throughout my course of study. For example: It was difficult for me to study good design principles being applied to fashion magazines as most American magazines have become so commercial and advertising based.



Faculty Mentor

Dr. Robert Winward