Date of Award

Spring 2013

Degree Type


Degree Name

Departmental Honors




Does it matter what change model is used to make a change in an organization? If so, why? Are certain models more effective than others based on the kind of change that is made (i.e. technology-based verses people-based)? What overlaps exist between these models? What is the strongest point of each model? What is the weakest point? Are any of the change models currently used in companies? This article defines three change models: ADIKAR, Lewin's Change Model and John Kotter's Eight Steps for Leading Organizational Change. Using 16 personal interviews with individuals from large and small companies, I will explain why it may matter what change model is used, depending on the situation and level of former organizational change experience. Some of the individuals I interviewed are aware of a specific change model but do not use it in their company. I will begin by explaining each change model individually. will compare the models to see what similarities and differences can be found. Then I will explain why the change model used in an organization, whether by an individual or by all of management, may be based more on preference than on superiority.



Faculty Mentor

Ronda Callister