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The disciplines of business and school administration are recognized as distinct and separate in purpose, product, and operation. While fundamental differences do exist between the two, school administrators have a need for application of business principles in order to manage an educational institution. Schools are, at their foundation, organizations relying on effective management, budgeting, public relations, value creation, etc. Despite this need, school administrators often come from backgrounds in teaching rather than management.

Research was conducted from secondary sources and personal interviews with teachers, university professors, and school administrators to examine the similarities between administration in business and schools. The purpose of the research was to determine where and how the knowledge of various business disciplines can assist in the successful management of educational institutions.

The thesis examines the business knowledge, skills, and abilities most important to a school administrator and suggests the tangible benefits that may be achieved when school administrators have proper training and education in both teaching and business administration. Further research may help determine specific ways that application of business principles may resolve problems in schools' operation and organization.

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Konrad Lee