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Interior Design


Most interior design students come from a creative background, with limited experience in writing and research. When faced with a challenge in the design process, valuable resources are not utilized. Students do not think to access them. This mind-set carries over as professionals. The research exists, but a lack ofunderstanding prevents designers from using it. Designers must learn to use hard sources and develop their own research to legitimize the profession.

In the design profession, benefits ofresearch are especially seen when using a holistic design process. As integrated approach, the holistic design process involves all parties related to a project. As the trend in the industry is moving toward sustainable buildings, research through a holistic design process becomes even more important. Incorporating research at this stage ensures that sustainable principles are held in a whole-building perspective.

Implementing research further produces change in the design industry. Research findings incorporated into healthcare facilities have promoted healing and efficiency. It also has transformed office settings into spaces which increase productivity and satisfaction among employees. Through applying research studies into practice, designers become a change agent in creating a better world.



Faculty Mentor

Steven Mansfield