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This paper is about organizational behavior and one man's research and ideas about this subject. That man is Chris Argyris.

Chris Argyris has been at Yale University for nearly two decades as a professor of Industrial Administration until recently moving to Harvard. During that period of time he has evolved from a beginning student of the behavioral sciences to a respected scholar and research authority in the field of organizational behavior. His own ideas have changed from a beginning theoretical framework to more established and accepted commentaries on organizational behavior.

The purpose of this paper is to dissect and explain Argyris's ideas and theories about the broad field of human relations in organizations called organizational behavior. The paper could also serve as an introduction to organizational behavior for the uninitiated.

This author will not attempt to criticize nor condone the work done by Argyris. Such a task will be left for the more informed student of organizational behavior. The paper will make an effort to describe Argyris's viewpoints on the different aspects of organizational behavior from his early beginnings to his more recent works. The reader will witness that Argyris retains many of his early premises throughout the span covered, As would be predicted Argyris also produced new ideas, theories, and techniques as he continued his research.