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Economics and Finance

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Dana Swenson


In the ever changing business world, establishing a competitive advantage is essential in order to build and sustain the viability of a company. The global investment industry has developed dramatically over the past 20 years generating new opportunities for investors worldwide. One example is exhibited by the increasing global demand for Brazil securities ds well as others in various emerging markets. With this increasing demand by foreign investors in the Brazilian markets, firms are constantly attempting to identify the best, most efficient, cost-effective products and services. Because a majority of the products are relatively the same across the industry, companies must focus on the services they provide to their clientele in order to distinguish themselves as the provider of choice. This paper provides a complete overview of the Banco Itau Business Communications course that personnel developed and implemented to support Itau's constant endeavor to provide its clients with the highest level of service possible. The complete report of the Banco Itau Business Communications Course project contains information that is confidential and also proprietary; items such as employee names, clients' names, and other proprietary information are not incorporated. All examples in this document have been recreated with the permission of Banco Itau and Utah State University.