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During Winter and Spring Quarters 1995, I had the opportunity to become a tutor for Utah State University's Human Learning Clinic under the direction of Dr. Lani VanDusen, I chose to become involved in this endeavor to fulfill an Honors Independent study requirement for my "senior honor's experience". In doing so, l spent Winter Quarter preparing for the actual tutoring by familiarizing myself with the various intervention strategies adhered to by the clinic and becoming comfortable with the administration of the activities involved in each method. Prior to the beginning of Spring Quarter, I was assigned my own personal client: a fourteen-year-old male with behavioral and learning difficulties. I held ten weekly sessions with my client, each approximately ninety minutes long. The techiniques used in these sessions were very personalized, and I presented various intervention activities which I tailored to the needs of my client. I generally adhered to the pre-planned activity outline established by the clinic, but because my client was a very visual learner, I presented each activity in a visual-oriented manner by supplementing the outlined intervention strategies with visual aids, handouts, and interactive hands-on activities. The incorporation of visual learning techniques became the main focus of my project. Specific examples of these strategies will be described in detail throughout the course of this paper.

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Lani VanDusen