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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Don Cripps

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Jacob Gunther

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Kristine Miller


Neural networks have been widely responsible for recent advances in machine learning, powering technologies such as digital assistants and AR photography. LPLANN (Low-Precision Linear Algebra for Neural Networks) is a cross-platform library written in C++ used for implementing neural networks. The software allows users to set specific levels of precision for calculations. Low-precision calculations use advanced parallelization techniques (SIMD, SWAR) to run neural networks at faster rates than full-precision calculations. This library is lightweight enough to run on embedded systems, only relies on OpenMP as a dependency, and is portable to any operating system. LPLANN also includes optimizations to provide drastic speedups on a workstation, allowing it so serve as a testbed for novel low-precision neural network architectures. The purpose of this project was to implement optimizations and to test how the execution time of binary networks compares to that of floating-point networks. Performing 2-dimensional convolution using 3x3 filters is implemented on binary weights with 43% overhead, and 1.5% overhead for 7 x 7 filters. Depending on the architecture of the neural network, speedup with 3 x 3 filters varied from 2.5x to 8x.