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Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning


On January 21, 1997, a public meeting was held to obtain comment on a draft version of a document entitled the Cache Metropolitan Area Transportation Plan. The document was prepared to address the transportation needs of the Logan Urbanized Area for the next twenty years. Since work began on the document in April 1996, it had undergone three stages in the form of working papers, which had been reviewed by several committees and published for public comment over the course of its development. The document was being developed under contract for the Cache Metropolitan Planning Organization by Leigh, Scott, & Cleary, Inc., a consulting firm from Colorado Springs at a cost of $64,000. Turnout for the public meeting was marginal but lively. Of the more than 50,000 people that would be affected by the document, less than 50 attended. Approximately 30 gave spoken comments of which they were allowed two minutes to portray their thoughts. The overwhelming majority of the speakers stormed with disapproval for the "auto-centric" nature of the plan, its lack of consideration for "alternative" modes of transportation, and the simplemindedness of a solution that merely accommodated greater demand without attempting to ameliorate it. The planners seemed frustrated; the public appeared disappointed.



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Jek Malan