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The nature of deity through out the history of philosophy has always been a subject of debate, from some of the earliest writings, philosophers and theologians have given arguments for and against the existence and nature of God. Beckwith and Parrish, in "The Mormon Concept Of God, A Philosophical Analysis," add another page to this on-going debate with their attack of the "Mormon concept of God." In the introduction Beckwith and Parrish explain that it is their aim to show

(1) that the Mormon concept of God differs radically from the classical concept of God,

(2) that the Mormon concept of God contains many philosophical flaws,

(3) that the classical concept of God is more consistent with the Christian Scriptures than the Mormon view. (Beckwith 1)

Another apparent aim of Beckwith and Parrish's book is the defence of the classical concept of God.

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