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Departmental Honors


Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning


The focus of this study was to study the characteristics of three projects in the Intermountain West region of the United States and three projects in the Iberian region of Europe to analyze the differences within the profession of landscape architecture around the world. The project begins by defining urban revitalization and its importance in the development of urban spaces, as well as studying two projects where urban revitalization attempts were not successful. Then, each project was studied in detail to learn how the project was started and the desired outcome of each project. This study included the "big picture" scale of looking at each project as a whole, as well as exploring the specific site details that made up the project. After exploring each project in great detail, all of the projects were studied in comparison to the other projects in the same region as well as the projects in the other region. The analysis focuses on why the projects were designed and constructed, the overall program amenities of each site, and the specific elements and outcomes that were included in the final execution of each project.


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Faculty Mentor

Benjamin George

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Ole Sleipness