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Electrical and Computer Engineering


Software Defined Radios (SOR) are limited by their usable bandwidth, which restricts how quickly they can transmit or receive data. The High Speed Cubesat Radio (HSCR) is capable of transmitting and receiving higher bandwidth signals by combining the bandwidths of several individual SOR transceivers. The HSCR performs phase correction to seamlessly stitch the bandwidths of each individual SOR into a single larger bandwidth.

By increasing the number of SDRs inside the HSCR, the bandwidth of the overall system will increase. This increase in bandwidth is limited only by the speed of the processing unit in working with received or transmitting data.

The system developed in this document is a proof of concept design. It shows that bandwidth combination is feasible and can be performed in real time.



Faculty Mentor

Don Cripps

Departmental Honors Advisor

V. Dean Adams