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Although problematic pornography viewing (PV) is quite prevalent (Carroll et al., 2008), very few studies have been done to test treatments addressing this issue. Preliminary research indicates Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a promising potential treatment for problematic pornography viewing, but this has only been evaluated in face-to-face therapy trials to-date. This study sought to determine the effectiveness of a general ACT self-help book on PV. A sample of 19 participants were recruited and given a copy of the book with directions to read and apply its principles over the course of 8 weeks. Assessments were completed at baseline, post, and 8--week follow up. Results indicate that participants made significant improvements in PV, scrupulosity, and cognitive fusion at post and follow up, but not in overall psychological flexibility and quality of life. Furthermore, those who were highly engaged in the intervention or not in a relationship showed stronger improvements in psychological flexibility and psychosocial functioning than those who were less engaged or in a relationship. Overall results indicate that a general ACT self-help approach is both feasible and reasonably effective in addressing PV and related outcomes. Findings also suggest that a more tailored and engaging intervention may increase retention and be even more effective in reducing PV. Feedback given by participants also served to provide recommendations for improving self-help interventions for PV.

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