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Many outdoor light fixtures illuminate in all directions, meaning that a large portion of light is emitted upwards. This excess light - light pollution - represents wasted energy and money, decreases public safety, is a health hazard for humans as well as wildlife, and inhibits the view of the night sky. In order to quantify the anthropogenic contribution of local light pollution, I studied detection methods at the National Optical Astronomy Observatory though a summer REU in 2013. Upon my return to USU, I monitored the night sky brightness from September 2013 to April 2015 at Utah State University. Due to its popularity in citizen science, I used a Sky Quality Meter and a Pocket Lux Meter. Seasonal variations were found in Logan, Utah, due to presence of snow. Through this research, I was also able to obtain a Blue Goes Green grant to replace several outdoor fixtures with night-sky friendly alternatives.

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Shane L. Larson

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David Peak