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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Snowboarding technology has progressed by leaps and bounds since the sport's inception in the 1980's. However, there is one area that has gotten progressively worse. That area is flexibility and freedom of expression. In order to make the sport safer, the industry responded by making stiffer boots and bindings. Our goal is to bring back the high level of flexibility that built the sport while maintaining or exceeding current safety standards. We also need to reduce heel side shock so as to increase the comfort of the rider. Our design consists of three major systems that drastically increase flexibility, safety, and shock absorptivity. The base of our design lies in the baseplate. With flexible rubber hinges and dampening foam, the baseplate allows for much greater flexibility and greatly reduces the effects of uneven terrain. The composite material contained in the ankle strap will limit the ankle dorsiflexion to a safe range of 20 degrees while allowing for lateral flexibility and increased comfort. The stiff high back completes the design. Thanks to the highback the rider will have precise, immediate control over the board in any situation. With these three components we feel confident that our design meets the needs of any intermediate to experienced level rider looking for more flexibility and safety.



Faculty Mentor

Rees Fullmer

Departmental Honors Advisor

V. Dean Adams