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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering



We are ODST the Omni-Directional Soccer Ball Thrower team which designed the soccer ball launching machine. Working in direct correlation with the project sponsor John Meade from Athlonic Sports this is the report outlining the soccer ball thrower. John from Athlonic Sports came up with the overall project and initial project vision. There are soccer ball launching machines on the market but lacking mobility, not amiable and are heavy. The design needed to be mobile, amiable, lightweight, and have a soccer ball capacity incorporated into the machine. This will allow coaches to repeatability place the soccer ball in certain location to improve the soccer player skills.


Anyone who has played soccer can tell you how hard it is to consistently kick or throw a ball in the same manner when performing routine drills. Soccer ball launchers are the solution to the inconsistency. They help make practice both more potent and efficient, while also opening up the possibility for new drills and practice techniques. Currently, a variety of soccer ball launcher designs exist. But the portability both on and off the field has been a large challenge. The goal of this project was to create a design that allowed for ease of transportation to the field, as well as use on the field, increasing the marketability of its use.



Faculty Mentor

Byard Wood

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Dean Adams