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Political Science


Guerrilla warfare is an ancient style of armed conflict that continues to be practiced throughout the world to the present day (Guevara, "A Method" 266, Tzu 168, Taber 149-150), and many countries and peoples have either taken part in guerrilla warfare or have sought to counteract irregular war with counterinsurgency methods, for example the United States (Anderson, Guerrillas xi ; West xiii; Guevara, G. Warfare 18; O'Neill vii-xi). 1 Guerrilla warfare heavily impacts every aspect of society, ranging from the family unit to foreign policy decision-making. Only through properly understanding the motivations, strategies and nature of guerrilla warfare will we be equipped to progress in terms of the social, political and economic aspects of society that guerrilla warfare activities influence (Taber 16).



Faculty Mentor

J. P. Spicer-Escalante

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Veronica Ward

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James Sanders

Co-Faculty Mentor

Jeannie Johnson