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With a rising trend of targeting children using various means of advertisement, the popularity of advergames has significantly increased. Although previous research suggests that negative content in advergames result in less favorable attitudes toward the game (Waiguny, et al., 2013), the presence of violence in advergames targeted to children aged three to ten years is significantly high. Despite the growing concern regarding violence in advergames and other means of advertisement targeted to children, research has not yet investigated the actual amount of violence in advergames. To shed light on this important issue, the present research discusses results of a descriptive study along with a literature review of previously conducted studies.

This research by no means is exhaustive, but does give a glimpse into the world of advergames and the possible negative effects associated with its content. The results of this study indicate, that roughly 38% of the advergames that were analyzed and discussed in this paper contain violence of some degree. These findings suggest parents should closely monitor their child's online game type especially as it relates to advergames.



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Deanne Brocato

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Shannon Peterson