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Technology has forever changed the face of business. Although in the past business markets have been limited to local geographic areas, the concept of outsourcing has opened a diverse spectrum of international markets. An increase in suppliers and consumers can improve business effectiveness and efficiency, but entering international markets can be detrimental if the business is unaware of the subtle differences the new market has in regard to leadership styles and cultural values. Hofstede's cultural dimension analysis has been the primary research study for many industry and academic professionals (Bond 2002; Hofstede 1997). However, many scholars are questioning whether Hofstede's work is still relevant in the fast-changing business world, especially with the influx of women in the workforce. This proposal combines the research presented by Hofstede and the GLOBE study and narrows in on the effects culture has on women pursing leadership, particularly women already labeled as leaders. Seventy-two women from thirty-one different countries attending the 2014 Insight Dubai Conference were surveyed.

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Shannon Peterson