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Chemistry and Biochemistry


Air2 is a eukaryotic protein involved in multiple biological processes including protein-protein interactions as well as RNA binding. Air2 plays a critical role in RNA quality control and also helps regulate post-translational modification of various proteins. Although previous studies have revealed information regarding Air2's roles within a cell, the molecular and structural basis for Air2 function is unclear. Using a codon-optimized version of the Air2 gene, various constructs were created that improved the expression and solubility of Air2. Additionally a co-expression complex of Air2 with a PRMTI mutant, K13S, was made to obtain the Air2 protein with a native binding partner. It was hypothesized that the co-expression of these two proteins together would lead to the creation of a complex increasing both the stability, expression, and activity of each. These experimental efforts will greatly contribute to the biochemical and structural studies necessary to achieve a better functional understanding of Air2 and thus lead to the improved future characterization of this protein.

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Biochemistry Commons



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Sean Johnson

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Alvan Hengge