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Engineering and Technology Education


Students considering a college education have many different priorities in mind. When considering a career in aviation after graduation, it brings a whole new set of priorities into the picture. When I was searching for a university degree in aviation I had two major concerns: location and quality of the flight school. Cost was also on my list of concerns but more as a restriction than an option. In other words, I was willing to pay more for the schooling provided it did not get so excessive that I could no longer afford to go. Utah State was among three different Utah schools I considered in my search. I thought of going to Utah Valley State College (UVSC) and Westminster College as well as USU. Westminster quickly dropped out of the race when I saw what the cost of tuition would be in addition to flight fees. My choice was down to UVSC and USU. UVSC had the better quality airplanes and technology but I chose USU because of cost and reputation. A few years ago UVSC lost its part 141 status which does not speak well for its program.



Faculty Mentor

Richard A. Charles

Departmental Honors Advisor

Wynn R. Walker