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Departmental Honors


Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Sciences


Developmental disabled (DD) individuals are living longer, more normal lives in the United States. There has been an influx of DD individuals living in residential settings instead of the more traditional institutional setting. Consequently, dietetic professionals will encounter persons with DD in every area of practice. Nutrition therapy is becoming more important in the multidisciplinary treatment of DD individuals. Governmental legislation and community programs have improved the treatment and rights of DD persons over the past decade. Even with these advocacy efforts, DD persons are often not receiving the nutritional treatment they need. Common nutritional problems encountered in the DD population include obesity and related conditions, feeding difficulties, and residential dietary management. Future efforts of dietetic professionals need to focus on promoting the necessity of nutritional services. Through these efforts, the nutritional status of the DD population can be improved.



Faculty Mentor

Janet Anderson

Departmental Honors Advisor

Noreen Schvaneveldt