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Departmental Honors


Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning


lt is the year 2006. We live in a time where advances in technology and processes surround us at every tum of our lives, and in almost every profession that exists. The medical world, for example, now benefits from such advanced practices that could have only been imagined a half century ago. The computer industry has grasped only a fraction of what is possible in this day and age, and yet their products still seem so futuristic that we wonder what will come the next day. The automotive industry, construction trade, science fields, and many other disciplines are experiencing breakthroughs in their respective transformations and growth. Where then does the profession of landscape architecture lie? Are we ahead of the times in regards to technology? Are we advancing as similar fields with respect to our design process? Or are we perhaps content with relying on older, more proven methods?



Faculty Mentor

John Nicholson

Departmental Honors Advisor

Michael Timmons