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Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Sciences


Perhaps the most difficult aspect of a dietitian's job is motivating clients to make necessary changes in their lives to benefit their health. Although most people are capable of enduring short-term attempts at healthy living, a lifetime of appropriate dietary habits is difficult for virtually everyone. One of the greatest challenges of long-term success is a lack of motivation. This signifies that it is not skills or knowledge that people lack in general. Therefore, dietitians must focus part of their efforts on motivation rather than simply teaching people what they need to do. Methods that have been found to be helpful in promoting motivation and long-term success include an individualized approach, early detection and interventions, ongoing care, follow-ups, support aids, connecting with clients on a more personal level, designing small steps, and utilizing a counseling-based rather than skill-based approach. By utilizing these various methods, dietitians can maximize their abilities to help clients make changes that last for a lifetime.



Faculty Mentor

Tammy Vitale

Departmental Honors Advisor

Noreen Schvaneveldt