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Bachelor of Arts (BA)


Theatre Arts


Composer Edvard Grieg merged a Classical and Romantic style of music with traditional Norwegian characteristics to create his own unique, complex style that is still widely performed today. His music changed the way we think of Romantic music and foreshadowed 20th century styles that would emerge only a few years later. His compositions vary throughout his life based on other composers’ innovations and his own preferences, but how much did Grieg’s personal life affect his music? And how did his life events shape his emerging style during his career? This information is displayed in a lecture recital format and will outline some of the historical implications and personality traits that allow us to understand the context of Grieg’s music and how he bridged the gap between trying to please audiences and satisfy himself.


This work made publicly available electronically on September 16, 2011.

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Dr. Lynn Jemison-Keisker