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Electrical and Computer Engineering


The objective of this paper is to introduce a hard drive enclosure kit and program, named Disk Utility, which provides various utilities to a work-bench tech or a home user. Both the authors have worked in a tech-bench area and have found that this is a useful tool to have, as many times trouble-shooting type tasks are necessary to properly diagnose problems on a hard drive. It has also been found to be far easier to implement these changes on a hard drive that doesn't need to be moved from machine to machine.

Many design approaches are covered in this paper, with their various successes and failures. Although many design approaches were used, we will focus on the implementation that is now seen in our project.

In overview, we used Microsoft Visual Studio to develop and test the code. We used a .NET project to provide functionality for the GUI. Source code will be provided as necessary to illustrate ideas and objectives.



Faculty Mentor

Paul Israelson

Departmental Honors Advisor

Wynn R. Walker