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Dear New Junior Lab Technician,

Welcome to Dr. Barnard's laboratory. My name is Jared Burton, and I am currently in medical school. I wanted to write a little bit to give you a "heads-up" about what you should expect working here. I worked in this lab for three years. I picked up quite a bit of experience and research time during my employment here. It was a good, on-campus job. I thought I would write a little manual to be kept in the lab, with the hopes that some future employee will benefit from it, and not be quite as lost as I was when I first began.

When I was first taken on as a junior research technician, I didn't have much information given me. I was mainly listening to and observing my supervisor and taking copious notes. Much of my experience came through trial and error, as I am sure much of yours will, too. However, it is my hope that this manual will provide you with much of the information you need not only to begin your job here on the right foot, but also to assist you in staying on track and to help you to get as much knowledge and experience as possible from this lab experience. If you let it, the job will be a valuable learning experience.


Jared Burton

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Patricia O. Preston

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M. Scott DeBerard