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My thesis project for my honors degree consisted of preparing working papers for the tax challenge team in the Accounting department of the College of Business. The Tax Challenge team has competed two years ago in the Anderson Tax Challenge and then the Deloitte & Touche Tax Challenge this last year. The tax challenge team has begun to build a credible reputation for the tax program at Utah State University. The last two years the graduate tax team was one of the top six teams in the nation. Dr. Grange is the tax challenge advisor and is working hard to learn more ways to improve the preparation of the tax team. Last fall when I expressed my interest to Dr. Grange about participating on the tax team he talked about how he wanted the team to prepare for the next year. He told me that he wanted to have some completed working papers for the team to be able to see and use to understand the format that is wanted in the tax challenge.

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Edward Grange

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Dwight Israelsen