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Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning


The Canada Packers meat packing plant stood as a symbol of the agricultural heritage and formed part of the collective memory in the city of Edmonton throughout much of the twentieth century. Abandoned in 1994, the site has remained undeveloped and neglected for over a decade, while new development has expanded in every direction of the city. The development of the site is inevitable as property values skyrocket and the booming oil economy continues throughout Alberta. Currently the site is owned by RONA, a large Canadian home improvement store, and will be developed in the next few years. It is the hope of the author that through informed planning and design, RONA will choose to undertake future development as a demonstration of innovative concepts of environmentally sustainable and socially responsible planning. RONA operates over 551 "points of sale" in Canada. Most of these stores are located in Eastern and central Canada. They supply construction materials to both contractors and to "Do-it-yourselfers" realizing 4.2 billion dollars in retail sales. RONA even offers web-advice on green building titled Greenwise choices, which include the benefits of green roofs, energy efficiency, green construction and environmental health. RONA also owns approximately 65 Big Box stores in Canada. Unfortunately, RONA still does not have LEED certification in its designs, although there has been a movement to "incorporate cost-effective environmentally sensible aspects".



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Michael Timmons

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Michael Timmons