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Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning


The project study area is on the site of the former Harrisburg Settlement, in Central Washington County, Utah between the towns of Leeds and St. George, Utah, and west of Interstate 15. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has recently (2001) acquired a 200 acre parcel of the project site. The landscape contains thousands of years of history in a small area, including features from the prehistoric cultures of the Virgin Anasazi and Southern Paiute, settlement of the Mormon pioneers, mining industry, and remnants of a 1950's Hollywood movie set. All of this lies at the southeastern tip of the Pine Valley Mountains near several popular recreation areas. A road through the site leads to the Red Cliffs Campground, great spots for picnicking, hiking trailheads, biking and equestrian trails, and natural pools for swimming along Quail Creek. The site is also adjacent to the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve, which is part of a Habitat Conservation Plan that protects habitat for the threatened Mojave Desert tortoise.

In order to preserve the history and culture of the site, the BLM is overseeing the completion of a Historic American Landscape Survey (HALS). This thesis project inventoried the existing conditions of the site that will be included as part of the HALS. In addition to the written documentation, two complete site maps of the layout and existing conditions were prepared utilizing GPS technology (see Appendices b and c).

HALS can be submitted at three different levels, Level I Exhaustive, Level II Thorough, and Level III Limited. The project area has been divided into five areas (see Figure 1.1) with two levels of recordation. Area one, which includes the Orson Adams home, will be a level II while the other areas are level III. This document divides the existing conditions information according to these two levels.



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Michael Timmons

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Michael Timmons