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Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning


The purpose of this project is to document the historical record and current condition of the Guinavah Amphitheater in Logan Canyon, Cache County, Utah. The information collected will be helpful in ongoing efforts by the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) to stabilize and preserve an excellent example of Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) era construction on the Wasatch Cache National Forest. It is also hoped that the assembled research will contribute to the listing of this site with the Historic American Landscapes Survey (HALS), housed at the Library of Congress.

Research into the historic background of the Guinavah Amphitheater began with a brief review of the origins and role of the CCC at both a national and statewide level. More specific information was sought regarding the local CCC operations, although a limited amount of material was actually located. Useful sources included the Utah State University Library Special Collections, USFS archival drawings provided by Region Archaeologist Richa Wilson, and an archival collection of miscellaneous historic documents in the possession of Scott Bushman, USFS Logan Ranger District employee. Additional background was sought through local historians, and a "Letter to the Editor" published in the Logan Herald Journal. The letter requested information from readers who may have had personal memories and/or photographs to share. The letter inspired several phone calls, one of which led to a 1939 photograph of a family reunion at the amphitheater (see image 12).

The final part of the project involved the recording of the existing condition of the amphitheater, which included a detailed site survey. The data collected was essential to recreating a 3D model of the amphitheater using SketchUp modeling computer software. Numerous photographs of the amphitheater's existing condition were also taken, and included as part of the documentation. Through the analysis and photo record, added features from the original design such as stairs and electrical lighting were documented.



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Michael Timmons

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Michael Timmons