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Departmental Honors


Electrical and Computer Engineering


My Part of the project was to design the hardware. I assembled the TT8 microprocessor and designed the optocial isolation board for the input and output signals to the TT8 microprocessor. We had two boards. One board had the TT8 Processor and other chips used for regulating the affairs of the TT8 (This board I assembled), and then there was another board that had all the control signals for the TT8 (this board I had to design), which sent the signals letting the TT8 know when the robot arm had been extended or retracted as far is it could go. Dave, my colleague, did all the software for this project, programming the TT8 to use my input signals and halt the extend and retract clock pulse governing the motors to the robot arm.

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Robotics Commons



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K.L. Mine

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Cal Eadric