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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


The Third-Eye Device is a peripheral device compatible with any firearm equipped with the Picatinny rail system. Its system of a camera attached to the weapon which connects to an eyepiece allows the user to aim the weapon without aiming down the sights. This device is potentially crucial to those who regularly engage in close-quarters combat such as police and military specialists, whose ability to quickly and accurately clear rooms during operations is critical to their safety and the safety of others. The student team was tasked with improving the device, primarily in its survivability in dusty and wet environments, its resistance to impact, and its accuracy at the expected ranges of operation. The impact resistance was to be tested against military standards for dropping. The waterproofing and dustproofing was to be tested against international Ingress Protection ratings. To that end, the student team redesigned the exoskeletons of both the transmitter and receiver to be watertight and impact-resistant. They were also designed to fit a new camera system, updated circuit boards, and an improved battery. Also included in the update were a variety of usability updates, including a side rail on the attachment for a flashlight or laser sight, simplified power, channel switching, and recording buttons, an unobstructive helmet mount, and power and channel indicators. The team created a prototype of the exoskeletons. Although only limited physical testing of the device was possible, the team concluded the device would be sufficient to meet the key requirements and exceeded expectations in the adding of new features.

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Faculty Mentor

Blair Martin

Departmental Honors Advisor

Joel Ellsworth