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Over the three months of this study, the subjects were detained 24 hours per day, every day at a residential center for sex offenders. Of the four subjects, three received medications for nocturnal enuresis while the other one received medication for hyperactive behavior. The time interval between nocturnal events increased for the recipients of sensitivity training. This study was a three-month study without follow up. The increased interval may be explained by two other confounds that were not measured: 1) the clients who had the longer intervals at the end of the study were also on medication, which possibly contributed to the increased interval. 2) Activity in the detrussor muscle and the bladder-neck-sphincter could not be measured therefore; it's questionable whether the deliberate contractions of the bladder-neck-sphincter were responsible for the inhibiting effects on the detrussor muscle. Sensitivity training may have contributed to the increased time interval between nocturnal enuresis events.



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Carl D. Cheney

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Gretchen A. Gimpel