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BrickEarth Pottery sells quality homemade ceramic pieces. Specifically, we specialize in ceramics that have a simple, elegant, and functional design. The product line includes things like mugs, vases, tableware, pots for plants, berry bowls, nativity scenes among other things. A few things that set BrickEarth Pottery apart from other competitors include our commitment to sustainability, our fair prices, and our strong online presence. To explain these ideas a bit more at BrickEarth we value sustainability by working to keep minimal packaging when items are shipped and maintain this in mind when making our pieces, like always reusing clay and using minimal glazes. Second there is an effort to keep prices fair, so to reach a broad public. We may have a wide range of sizes and take into consideration the time spent making the pot, which creates a wide variety of prices. The third thing that sets BrickEarth Pottery apart is our online presence. With handmade ceramics those who do work keep it local and on a smaller “street fair” level. In Utah, and Logan, specifically there are few online presences and those that are there are quite small and do not ship their products. At BrickEarth we plan to ship our pots and continue to expand our online presence. We hope that each piece will bring a smile to your face each time you use it; and add a unique quality to your home reminding you things are always better handmade.

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Polly Conrad

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Crissa Levin

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Dan Murphy