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Bachelor of Science (BS)




This research examines the effect of a stress coping based intervention in the lives of female student-athletes. Sixteen female student-athletes attending Utah State University participated in a 60 minute intervention teaching skills such as progressive muscle relaxation, stressor identification, and stress coping. Participants completed the Inventory of College Students’ Recent Life Experiences before and after the intervention. The scores collected from the inventory were used to determine whether the intervention had a significant impact on the amount of perceived stress in their lives. The findings suggest that those who participated in the 60 minute intervention experienced no change in their perceived stress levels while the control group, which did not participate in the intervention, experienced increased levels of perceived stress. The implications of using a more comprehensive intervention are discussed. Suggestions for future research in this area are also presented.


This work made publicly available electronically on September 20, 2011.



Faculty Mentor

Dr. John M. Kras