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Departmental Honors


Marketing and Strategy


With the rise of technology, physical invitations have largely been replaced by digital invitations and e-cards. This change in invitation culture has led to less time and energy being spent on celebrating important life events. I created JO to help individuals elevate the important moments in their lives through intentional communication and beautiful designs. JO products seek to display effective, aesthetically pleasing, and meaningful messaging. This project documents my business, JO, through a written business plan and website.

A business plan aims to demonstrate a well-developed idea to gain support and investment. My business plan includes an executive summary, company description, product description, brand strategy, marketing plan, operational plan, management description, startup expenses, and financial plan. These sections outline JO pricing, branding, process, and other major details. This plan was created by testing the business idea with real clients and making adjustments as needed. During the creation of this plan, I worked with three clients to develop and implement the function of JO. While the plan mainly focuses on the current status of JO, it also outlines future goals and aspirations. Images of the branding, packaging, webpages, and social media profiles are located in the appendices.

A website is important to the success of JO because it informs a potential client’s decision of whether to purchase JO products and services. The website was written using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript via Visual Studio Code. The website features an about page, contact page, frequently asked questions page, shop page, gallery, and inquiry form. These pages provide a positive, informative web experience for potential and current clients.

Beyond the timeframe of this project, JO will continue operations; I will work to develop and launch products, work with clients, and update the website as needed.

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Lianne Wappett

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Alexander Romney