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Physics 3710 – Intermediate Modern Physics, Spring 2018

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Physics 3710 – Problem Set #2 Newtonian relativity

Problems 1-4 refer to: Sound travels at about 330 m/s in still air. Observer O is at rest with respect to still air, observer O′ travels with constant velocity +50 m/s in the common x, x′ direction. Event A is the emission of a sound pulse from a stationary source at the origin of O; it occurs at xA = 0 at tA = 0. Event B is the reflection of the pulse at xB = +100 m. Event C is the detection of the reflected pulse at xC = 0. Assume the axes and clocks of O and O′ are set up so that the Newtonian transformation rules in BK2 apply. Explain all answers.

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